Hi all,

So a long-standing dream of mine is coming true at the end of this week; I'll be traveling to Morocco for 10 days on a photographic tour. I'll be flying into Casa Blanca, then to Fez, Midelt, Merzouga, Dades Valley, Ait ben Haddou, Marrakech, then back to Casa Blanca.

Aside from my 5DMk2, I'll be taking my SWC/M and Pentax 67II (I would've gone with my 2000FCW.... if my recently acquired F 110/2 were already here).

Anyway, since this is my first visit to Morocco and to that part of the world in general, and first time in the desert, too, so I was hoping I could get some opinion of what film to take.

For B&W I'm pretty much set an taking Efke IR820 Aura, Konica IR750, FP4+ and Acros 100.

Color is where I'm a bit worried; I'm usually a reversal shooter, shooting Velvia, Provia 100F, and Astia 100F. But I'm wondering if things might be super contrasty around there so that I should try color negs instead; also, I was wondering about the cool tones of Fuji reversals versus a lot of warm colors I expect to see there. Are those good combos, or should I think about some Kodak reversals?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!