To Marius,
I'm a new member on this site and I will share my preferred Sabatier print method. I use multigrade photo paper and whatever print developer, like Dektol. I start with a no. 2 1/2 or 3 filter and expose for a regular print and run the usual test strips. Then I raise the enlarger unit up some, take out the negative carrier, set the aperture wide open and put in the no. 5 filter, and put paper towels down all around. Then I throw the exposed paper in the developer for half the normal developing time. Have a tray of clean water ready and wash the print, then squeegee it off really good against a hard surface (do not put it in the stop bath or fixer) Be careful not to scratch it since the emulsion is wet and soft. I make sure I don't leave water drops on the paper because they'll make it look blurry in those areas. Then I run a second set of test strips perpendicular to the first set by blasting it with light from the enlarger already set up. I finish the developing time and fix the print as normal. I pick out the most interesting affects and note the exposure times for each filter. Then repeat the same procedure for each filter and exposure time for the final print (hopefully). -ge