Good evening and greetings from Australia
I am interested in the enlarging times one might expect using a Durst 138 with a CLS301 head for black and white printing. I have acquired one and am teaching myself quality printing. The machine is lovely to use but it is very slow compared to my LPL6600 condenser. For instance I printed the same negative on both machines - 42 seconds on the LPL using a 0 filter and 620 seconds on the Durst using 50 Y on the dichroic head (75 mm lens on the LPL, 175 mm lens on the Durst, 6x6 negative, 8x10 (inch) print). Ten minutes seems a long time to be leaning against the wall, wondering if the timer is actually working. I should add that print quality was fine and effectively the same (or possibly even better) as the LPL. So my questions are:

1: How long do other people have to expose on a Durst 138 with a CLS head?
2: Am I missing somethings such as a switch that boosts the power up?

I should add that the bulbs (2x150 watt) in the Durst is new. The Mixing box is home made cardboard insert lined with aluminium foil into the 5x4 mixing box. The finish is about as shiny as the Durst-supplied 5x4 box, so I don't that is an issue. I know that lens focal length is a factor, but whatever the focal length of the lens, printing seems slow.

So, do I just have to be patient or is there something I could or should do?