Well, three, but only one is 100%.

Here is how it happened. I've had a Crown Graphic for a long time. I have been looking for a 4x5 enlarger for all that time. I finally found a really cheap pre-war (tht is pre-WWII for you kids) DeJur on eBay that I could afford (that was before film died) on eBay. Whern it arrived it was broken do to poor packing. The seller refunded my money but did not want it back, so I tried to fix it. I got it working but the big brass roller on the carriage was worn so much the enlarger could not be aligned properly. Worked OK as long as I use a really small f/stop. I used it awhile, but it was so heavy it was a bear to move from the closet to the bathroom come darkroom and back. My health deteriated and it just got to be too much for me to mess with.

Then a few years back a freind who had gone digital gave me an Omega B22 (1960's vintage). Before I got around to using it I had gotten a digital camera myself. About a year back I was wanting to get back into B&W darkroom work and thought, "I have that B22 it is light enough for me to move back and forth. I would like something bigger than 35mm though". I found a couple of old folding 6x6 cameras and got an 80mm lens and a 6x6 negative carrier for the Omega. Haven't done as much as I want to as my health is rather up and down.

Just recently someone gave me another B22, this one with the black XL column. It was not complete, but I swapped parts from the old B22, made a new baseboard ( http://graywolfphoto.com/journal/201...ger-baseboard/ ) to go with the long column (did you know that XL column will allow 20x24 prints on the baseboard, but the baseboard is to small to fit even a 16x20 easel?). Now all I need to do is try it out.