IMO, there's too much economic and newbie BS talk in photography. It seems all is a good subject, everything is important except photography itself.
I've been disgusted by digital, its workflow, its culture, its way of pushing you into a mainstream, its look, long ago.
I also matured. Now I print all my best shots (about 5,6,7 or 8 per 36mm roll and 3 or 4 per 120 roll) on 11x14 and about half of them on 16x20. All to archival standard. The purpose of it all is still uncleaf to me. Why am I going crazy about it all, I have no idea. A psychiatrist would say it's because I'm afraid of dying. Maybe it's true. I say it's because I love life so much I want to immortalize every scene that I found appealing.
Will photography die? Photography as we know it will die but image makin will never die.
I don't know what's my true inner purpose of needing to print so much other then absolutely having to finish what I started: clicking a film imperatively involves having to print it. But I am happy to know that my prints will outlive me and future generations will enjoy them. This alone beats any flash card filled with files. The horror!