The profession of family type portrait photography has changed a great deal in the last few years. With the advent of fairly cheap automatic cameras (even before digital) and, the proliferation of "lifestyle" portraits, has made a classically trained portrait photographer sort of a dinosaur.

If the "lifestyle-casual" thing just came as a result of a more casual lifestyle in general, or if the unstructured lifestyle portrait evolved due to the number of moms-with-cameras flooding the market, classical portraiture is being decimated by this phenomena. Granted things are cyclical and this fad/trend may get old soon but the result of this is that the days of families going to a professional photographer has diminished a lot, since anybody can do lifestyle pictures and a Canon Rebel is pretty cheap. There are cheap photoshop programs that are even on iPhones now so editing and manipulation is readily accessible and every kid today is a computer whiz.

Add to this the fact that perhaps hanging pictures on your walls in 20 years may be a quaint retro thing to do since walls may be more inclined to have computer/video screens on them instead of pictures. So family stills or videos shot with the camera phone that EVERYBODY has, with up to 20 megapixels soon to be the norm, may soon prevail as the dominant visual decoration in the home.

I'm not saying that home decor will all change and what we have today will disappear, but it very well could be less prevalent or far more exclusive.

I posted this before but this is interesting.