If you shop hard and carefully, you may be able to dig up a Leica CL with the fantastic Summicron-C. sot meter, all mechanical except the meter and though Leica fans love to degrade it since it is not a Leica M build, it is a very reliable camera compared to other makes. The 40mm Summicron-C os one of the best of the best and one of the best Leica lenses made. It also has framelines for the 50mm and 90mm lenses plus through the viewfinder the 35mm and 28mm lens views are available; the 35mm is equal to the outer edges of the 40mm frame and the 28mm is the edges of the viewfinder. So, the camera is not as limited to 2-3 lens focal lengths.

These cameras are being picked up by collectors who want ones in excellent condition with no wear showing. Showing wear and users can be had for much less.