I posted much of this in another thread.

I really got into photography in 2010, when I wanted to do something that hardly anyone did: film photography.

I see digital as just another tool in the toolbox, and not the total culmination of human technology. Sure it's quick and convenient (and artistic), and I'm learning to paint on my iPad, since I can't afford a lot of paint and paper/canvas right now. I love the stuff that digital can do that traditional drawing and photography can't do. When I can afford it, I'd like to buy the full Photoshop (and not just Photoshop Elements) and really get into the craft.

It's a pain in the butt trying to get people I know to pose for a film picture. They only have the patience to pose for a few of them, then I have to burn the rest of the roll on different subjects, instead of uploading to Facebook 5 seconds later. But whenever I get the negatives or slides back they go "Wow! Cool!" then go on to their next thing, forgetting about the effort I went to to get that perfect shot.

It's up to "We few, we proud few, we band of brothers (and sisters)" to keep the flame burning. As long as E-6 doesn't disappear before I get a decent medium format camera and get my Bolex 16mm fixed, I'll be a happy man. I loooooooooooooves mah E-6!

Quality, not quantity.