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I don't think the art of photography is in decline or the end is near or any of that. Not for an instant.

Those who remain committed to analogue / traditional processes will (I keep saying over and over!) be delighted to find that their work is valued more as time goes by. I see this very clearly.

Those who get involved with digital and hybrid processes will see more interesting and individual capabilities and a steady improvement in standards; we just have to remember that digital photography is still in its youth, relatively speaking, and still has quite a long way to go.

On both sides -analogue and digital- there are those people who bitch and moan and think things have gone to hell and the art is finished. Whatever. That's just a completely useless and de-motivating point of view. What these people want remains an enduring mystery. A warm bottle and a blankie? Whatever. Adapt or perish.
I believe that you are 100% correct, Keith. The appreciation for analogue/traditional processes will remain strong and will increase as time goes by, positively. Digital may have made it more difficult to stand out, but when one does, it makes the hard work even more rewarding. Those who bitch and moan, on both sides of the pond, are just wasting time and losing focus (pun intended).