(cross-post from For Sale)

Hi chaps,

I'm just putting it out there as I'm thinking of replacing my Sinar with a field camera of some description. I'm finding that the movements on my Sinar are a little wasted on me, particularly as I tend to shoot more landscape than anything technical that requires any significant movements. Also, would like something a little more compact so I'm looking for a nice 4x5 folding field camera!

So essentially looking for a buyer or someone who might want to trade their 4x5 field camera (or similar) for my Sinar F2. It's in great shape (excepting the dried up spirit levels) - will come complete with wide angle bellows (and standard bellows) and I think possibly a few other spares (I seem to recall I have a Sinar DB lens plate).

I'll get some photos up later this evening or tomorrow. I'm in no dire rush to move this on as I really enjoy shooting with the camera but I think if I had a lighter camera, I'd get out a lot more with it than I currently am doing!