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What you should first consider is how much time you really have to sit around the computer. Scanning is VERY tedious and time consuming and may not be the most viable solution to a fast paced business.
Andy, you pose some important points... The fact is, I want my cake and eat it too.... I want to be able to offer Quick, inexpensive 4X6 proofs or digital proofs. I've scanned a weddings worth, one at a time, with a Coolscan, The flatbed does 24 at a time... Maybe not the best scans but I think good enough for 4X6's... I also want to be able to offer a few nice, archival quality, fiber prints from film..... Not to mention, I may use it for personal stuff for color stuff..... So, I may be in my underwear for 4 or 5 hours, scanning away....