i should also add, i can't design, draw or make anything "look good" unless
it is found that way ... "styling" / "stylist work" is WAY out of my comfort zone
I don't know how you can say this, John, since much of the very good work you have done in the time I've known you has been anything but things "looking good" when you found them. You are the consummate stylist, working with selective focus, selective color, motion, blur, tonality; indeterminate form and substance. What you do not seem to work with, in my limited experience, is any selective manipulation of objects before the photograph is taken. You seem more to want us to make what we will of what you've seen. Still, it is styled by the choices you made in presenting us a sliver of all that you have seen, and by the lens of your perception–– also by your texts, I might add.