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His eBay auctions are sometimes overly optimistic on condition/valuation. His film prices seemed steep.

I'm not sure why you think his film prices are steep. Have you compared his prices to Mike's Camera? I paid $10.95 for a roll of Delta 400 in 120 at Mike's, and I think Josh was selling a roll for $5-6? I think this is also how much Denver Pro Photo charges. I mean, where else, other than Mike's Camera, Denver Pro Photo or Englewood Camera can you buy 120 film in Colorado? Compared to freestyle and B&H, you also don't have to pay shipping and wait however many days it takes for film to ship from the east coast.

Anyways, we need places like Victory Camera. There are many instances where I need film, or equipment NOW. He's also got a nice size surplus of medium format stuff, from Mamiya, Pentax, Minolta, etc., assorted 35mm gear, a great selection of 35mm/120 film, and a good amount of studio and camera accessory gear.

nice place to hang out, IMHO, and buy stuff.

edit: Oh, I see you don't reside in Colorado:P