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geeze what a reply "talk to me somehow"...what the hell does that mean...well..i guess you gotta get into his head--does he like cats? a cat picture will talk to him...like that

who's his class favorite pupil---look at what he's doing and do him one better same way...just move a leaf over or something and talk about the altered juxtaposition makes it a much more significant interpretation....

yup...pay attention in class to what he says he likes--what does he shoot?
I had a prof. who had recently completed chemotherapy for cancer but the treatment wasn't completely successful and the prognosis wasn't good. One of the other students found out that he had a "thing" about grave stones.

Word got around pretty fast... If you want to push his buttons, take pictures of grave stones.

I had an English prof. who liked cute animals. So, for my final writing project, I wrote a short story about cute, forest animals... Aced it!

Find out what makes your prof's boat float and take advantage.