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... if you are going to frame behind glass, do you see a need to use fiber over rc paper? I made some 11x14 prints last night in RC and toned them this morning ... could never have done this so quickly with fiber paper. Will I notice a difference once they are framed and behind glass anyway? I have a set of 8x10's on the wall of my kids - 1/2 RC and 1/2 Fiber, and I swear I cannot tell the difference!
When I look at the prints in my hall behind glass, which are tipped in, not drymounted, I see the uneven reflection of light from the fact the print is not perfectly flat. I see the sparkling irregular surface of the FB print. When looking at the "image" it is hard to tell the difference. But can you tell the difference from an oblique view where the light skates over the surface?

If this is also satisfying, then great. But I imagine you might be able to see a difference.