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OK, we have the comfort zone thread…..so what is outside your comfort zone that you would really like to try?

For me, its models, in particular ‘Pin Up’ style photography. Of late, I have found myself seeking out the ‘Kustom Kulture’ and Hot Rod scene – maybe it’s a bit of a thing at the moment, but I really like the ‘look’.

Yes, I have done people photography in the past, but its been people I know and in their own environment. I would really like to be able to try working with a model in the styles above – my thing is I get a cold shiver thinking about having to talk and deal with someone in that scenario….

Oh well, maybe one day I’ll get the courage.
hi hoffy. i would gt startedby joining a workshop or a photographer wh o does this kind of thing, as far as finding models, just ask. the worst you can get is a 'no and a black eye. i got neither in 20 years of nude photography, just met great people.20061024A0104-1.jpg