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I'd love to do one of those 100 Strangers projects. Walking up to a random person on the street and asking them if I can take their picture terrifies me for some reason. I've done it before but I don't know what my deal with it is.
it used to terrify me too, but after a while i used all that nervous energy to make better portraits.
eventually it lead to me making portraits for a newspaper, photographing everyone from supreme court chief justices
to chief sachems ...

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What is so amazing about his portraits other than the people he photographed?
hi stavrosk ..
my take on karsh might be a little different than others but ...
he transformed portrait photography from lots of light
to theatrical lighting ( rembrandt style lighting ) ..
he in some ways merged dutch painting and modern photography
because technically it wasn't possible before he was around.
films ( and plates ) were slow there had to be lots of light &c ...
his portraits really show more of personality/character of his subjects
than a deadpan-portrait, or a bathtub filled with milk.

but all that said, i can see why someone would look at them and not be impressed ...
( i only know the effort of what goes into portraits like that because i apprenticed with someone who did similar work
and for her it was nearly effortless work, probably like karsh )