My first intention for the design was to make a flatbed scanner camera. A large format camera with a regular flatbed scanner at the back. Right now, this works, but the scanner needs some hardware and software alterations to create a better image. While making the camera I thought, why not make a camera that can tilt and shift, while I'm at it? The materials I used are mainly low cost, alternative materials. Like the magnifying glass lens and the hand foulded bellows.
As we all know, it's getting harder and harder to find the ingredients needed for analogue photography. Right now I'm using my 35mm SLR camera with film I let develop at a local store. They have everything for digital photography, but the only analogue they have is 35mm film ASA200 and ASA400. And that store is concidered a specialist in photography. Asking for another type of analogue photography process left the store owner in an akward silence.
That's what raised the question for alternative processes. Accesability is one aspect, easy use is another. Right now I don't have a darkroom. I have a room I can make dark, do some processing and afterwards clean up so it can be used for every day use. (it's the laundry room, so leaving everything out is not an option)
I used cyanotype before in my profession: I'm a draftsman. The first company I worked had a blueprint machine. Is it still easy accesable or can it be home produced with easy access ingredients?