Hello my APUG friends!

I'm moving around more of my equipment, and I want to go back to shooting film on a Rangefinder vs an SLR.

I am offering my exceptionally clean Canon EOS 1V body up for consideration. There are minor, minor scuffs on the bottom of the body (from setting it down on some rough ground), but it is otherwise perfect.

The camera has had less than 40 rolls through it and will come in the original box with the GR-E2 grip attached.

I will also be including the following extras:

  • PB-E2 booster drive - In the box, excellent condition
  • BP-E1 battery grip - Somewhat hard to find, also in the box and excellent condition
  • 2x Canon L3 neck straps (my favorite Canon stock strap)
  • EC-B split-screen
  • EC-D grid screen

What I'm looking for would ideally be a Bessa R3m (or A) with the 40mm Nokton. Used is perfectly fine as long as it's in good condition without any issues. I could possibly be swayed to include my EF 50mm f/1.4 with the caps, OEM hood and box as well depending on what we are talking about trading.

Send me a PM if you're interested in working something out.