Dear Pentaxuser,

I was there!!!!! did'nt see many Apuggers sadly : Lets face it photo shows are mostly about d****l nowadays but to be fair FOCUS in Birmingham UK is one excellent show......

We had a fantastic show.....we showed the prototype of the HARMAN TiTAN 10x8 pinhole camera, that just wowed everyone, we moved a lot of of film and a lot of paper and a lot of TiTANS!!!!!

But what was best is that our stand was busy, not a bit busy, but the most busy....and lots and lots of photo students, hundreds in fact.

Interestingly, I was given the photo studio to look after, I was taking 10 x 8 paper portraits on a 10 x 8 sinar, we had students from Warwickshire College, processing them and contacting them down....these kids were 17 and 18 and they did a fantastic job, I was knocked out by the enthusiasm they showed and the sheer love they had for analog photography.

In fact we got so carried away we did 600, yup thats right, 600 10x8 mono portraits in four the end the students were doing all the photography as well, I was just helping managing the work flow...I do not think we had a single sitter who was not chuffed to bits with their portrait, I had the best and most motivating four days of hard graft that I can remember, monochrome photography is alive, its the best, its fun, and people of all ages love what we, and all of you produce...

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :