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What "market?" Aside from the possibility they couldn't afford to make another run, Kodak just wasn't selling enough of this stuff. Not to revisit the $hitstorm threads of last week, it's plain that demand for transparency materials is a shadow of what it once was. Not good news re: the survival of Fuji E6 films. Quality E6 processing is just a memory in many markets in N. America. The end of Ektachrome can't help but spook the surviving labs with E6 lines.
What you say may be true north of the US/Canadian border, and where I live in the U.S. processing is generally available by send-out and mail-order only. However, I pass by THREE Wal-Mart stores on my way home from work, and there's a Meijer's (it's a northern mid-west department store chain kind of like Wal-Mart) about 5 miles from work. All four of them are willing to send film (that's B&W, C-41, and E-6) out to be processed. Pickups are Tuesday and Friday mornings. C-41 picked up on Tuesday morning is ready on Friday afternoon, and C-41 picked up on Friday morning is ready on Tuesday afternoon. My experience has been to add a week onto those times for E-6. Not sure about turn-around for B&W as I haven't sent any out that way recently, but suspect it is about the same as for E-6. Processing is handled by Fuji/Dwayne's, and slides come back with no scratches in cardboard mounts. If I want a print of a particularly good slide, I sc*n myself and upl**d for printing.

Last I checked the USPS is more than happy to deliver your E-6 to Dwayne's for a small fee. I would assume Canada Post would do the same. Fuji pre-paid mailers for E-6 can be bought from B&H with Dwayne's address on them.

But, you say, it takes two weeks to get slides back from processing if it's not done locally. Big deal! 20 years ago it took two weeks to get slides back from send-out processing. The wait gives me more time to forget what was on the roll, and when I get it back and toss 'em in the projector, I get to see 36 never-before seen images (no chimping!). It's like being a kid again on Christmas morning!

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