Snapshooting is a valuable way to let new threads of seeing emerge

When using LF I am generally very careful and considerate, the medium draws one in that direction, well, film costs do anyway

I use a couple of snapshot cameras, a Vitessa and a Retina for pix of Rae, the garden, travel and all sorts of things - When I have been starting a new portfolio of "serious work" (hear celestial trumpets) I am stunned by the number of times this new work has been pre-figured in my casual images, or where I made an image tangential to the main body of work I was doing

These snap-glimpses are valuable - Where they are not, the pix are loved by Rae's family and friends around the world

Here is a pic of my snap-cameras, a Voigtlander Vitessa and a Kodak Retina - The wretched, overrated and unreliable Leica may be replaced by a FED2 in a couple of months