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But when your are hired to do something, then you have to behave as a professional and be precise.
I agree, but sometimes it is frustrating - Like Robyn's armpit, she was modelling hand made belt buckles and to change between black and white tops for different belts - During one pass she said "Hey, look at these" while pulling her glorious armpit hair - However, the designer, silver smith and graphique designer were all there, so I did not said "Wait, I have to make a different set-up, you lot make fresh coffee while I photograph something worth while" (Now I definitely would!!!)

Soon after the job she changed boy friends to one who was not mature enough to celebrate natural women, so I spent the next three years trying to convince her to dump him so we could make that picture, then wait for the hair to re-grow


I tried to use this portrait to promote my professional BW portrait work, unsuccessfully