[QUOTE=Michael R 1974;1313789]
Simply developing to bring bright highlights down to zone VIII does not necessarily mean they will have detail in the print. It means only that the scale of the negative will fit onto the paper without manipulation. That is not the same thing at all. Zone VIII on the paper will only have detail if it is in the negative.
But of course------detail has to be on the negative before there's a chance of any detail being transferred to the print -----------at the risk of sounding upety (it's not meant to), I view this as rather obvious and independent of the ZS itself. I practice the ZS for value control, or tone control if you will. So, subjects with texture are inifinitley more interesting to me than mere tone alone. Since a textured object can "block" up, proper minus development or compensating development techniques (within reason) will reveal it, this much is a well established fact.

I agree that there is much fundamentally misunderstood about the ZS.