Pages 8-9 concern re-using DD-X rather than using it as a one-shot developer. I want to use DD-X as a one-shot.

I used to believe that D-76 at 1:1 meant that you could develop two rolls of 35 mm film in a 16-oz tank using 8 oz of stock solution diluted in 8 oz of water. This is not the case, according to the fact sheet for D-76: "You can develop one 135-3 roll (80 square inches) in 473 mL (16 ounces) or two rolls together in 946 mL (one quart) of diluted developer."

A minimum of 8 oz of D-76 stock solution is required to develop a roll of film, whether you use D-76 straight or diluted 1:1.

Could this also be the case with DD-X, since the fact sheet clearly states that a litre will develop 16 rolls?