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The fact sheet for DD-X gives the following information: "Used at 1+4 for one shot processing DD-X will develop 16 135/36 films." Does this mean that a minimum of 62.5 ml of DD-X is required to develop one roll of film, regardless of the dilution used? (1000 ml divided by 16 rolls yields 62.5 ml)
Yes, for one-shot use, that's the correct minimum quantity of concentrate per 80 square inches of film.

There are many who will report that they use less and doing so "works fine." If you too wish to gamble, follow their example. Only by using the minimum quantity of concentrate can you absolutely count on repeatable results regardless of what the scenes you photograph exhibit in terms of average brightness. Using less developer means that, depending on scene makeup, you might under develop or you might not.

Some other developers' minimums (concentrate or, for powder developers, stock solution) are:

Xtol - 100 ml

D-76 / ID-11 / Perceptol: 250 ml

Rodinal - 10 ml

HC-110 / Ilfotec HC - 6 ml

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