I am tentatively planning on quitting my job this summer, moving to California, and dedicating my full attention to photographing and printing (that is, when I'm not playing video games, drinking, cleaning up after my dog, drinking, etc.)

I have a little experience with black & white printing, and I have all the stuff I need for that (including an enlarger that can be used for color). But, I have a couple thousand slides that have never been printed or scanned. My plan is to try to make internegs from the slides and experiment with color negative printing from those, while still continuing to make occasional b&w prints.

Does anyone else print both color and b&w in the same darkroom? I'm not currently interested in scanning my slides, but I want prints of at least some of them. But I still want to do some b&w.

Does it behoove one to focus (printing-wise) solely on b&w or color, rather than trying to do both? I'm less worried about the equipment/chemicals and more worried that it will be too much for my brain to handle.