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Build the collection: ...promote cheap stuff to make it famous.
It's the cheap stuff self-promoted that gets into their hands and I feel that often, these artists put more energy into trying to get their work in front of collectors than they put into their work. Today, when it's relatively easy to be self-made with quality work and an internet connection, these people are only searching for validation. There's a programme about them on Sky Arts over here, can't remember what it's called, but all their work was naive and derivative. Those whose output is a labour of love and broader awareness of their artform aren't so quick to put their soul on the line for a bargain. So it's not just the cheap stuff, but like the people we see on X Factor/American Idol - those who have the loudest voices, but the least to say, who just happen to be cheap.

The scary thing is, people with talent know this and perhaps choose to work in obscurity, only ever selling their work to local people where they know it will never get into the wrong hands. Or even the right hands.