This Pinhole Day, show everyone your camera!

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day team has added a new feature: your submission to the Pinhole Day gallery can include a photo of the your camera. Visitors to the WPPD gallery will see your photo accompanied by a thumbnail image of your camera.

The photo of your camera is optional. If you'd like to include a picture of your pinhole camera with your Pinhole Day photo, be sure to have both files prepared before submitting. While your Pinhole Day photo must be made with a pinhole camera, the picture of the camera can be created through a lens. You can describe your camera in the same way that you write a statement about your photo. Note that any image of the camera more than 500 pixels on a side will be scaled down for the gallery.

Here is link to Facebook showing examples the camera portion of the WPPD submission form, as well as how photos will appear in the WPPD 2012 gallery:

Here is a link to the regular Pinhole Day website:
There are already over fifty Pinhole Day events listed!

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