A pro lab that is running over 10k a day in film processing requires precise replenishment and process control,
Keeping grey balances is quite a step above hand process at home.

Nothing wrong with doing home process that way, but impossible to make a living with demanding clients who want consistancey and run to run accuracy with their pushes and pulls.

Most of the good E6 labs are going or gone.

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One thing I have never quite understood is that all these pro labs need precise process control, run multiple test strips every so often and need lots of film running through to maintain their quality standards. On the other side you have plenty of home developers reusing E6/C41 kit chems many times over, set to 38C with flimsy thermometers, chems poured into and out of hand inversion tanks with little reproducibility and still: mostly happy users with workable results.

Are these home users with their imprecise dev procedures just imbeciles who don't know what good development results should really look like? Are all these pro labs old dinosaurs pursuing a pointlessly optimized procedure with excessive effort? Why is it that I can get E6 kits easier than E6 processing in my home town?