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Yes, they can be converted to 4x5. A friend did one and it's very light--uses a 127mm Ysarex off of a Polaroid 900 camera--look for one of those next.
are you really sure that it was 4x5? I have never heard about it and I doubt it as the slightest bend in the bellows of a pack 100 camera is visible on the film. so I presume that there isn't much room for a bigger format.

the 4.7/127 ysarex can be found on the 110A and 110B, the 110 has a 4.5/127 wollensak raptar and there is a 4.7/127 yashinon on the 120. these 4 can be converted to 4x5 indeed.

if I'm wrong I would be very interested in further information. it would make conversions lighter and cheaper.