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No problem if you have a decent colorhead. But just realize that color chemistry is a lot nastier to
breathe than typical black and white stuff. You need good ventilation.
You don't really need a color head. Nice, yes, essential, not by a long shot. I've never owned a color head and used to print a lot of color. Color printing filters take about 10 seconds to change versus 2 seconds for the knobs on the color head. Not a big difference at all and totally lost in the overall scheme of things. You get finer control with a color head but I have CP filters that go down to 2.5 units, a difference I find barely distinguishable on RA4 (and even less so if you still have some Ilfochrome - the Ilfochrome filters re only in increments of 5.)

Color head is better, if for no other reason because the diffusion source will show less dust, but a condenser head with a filter drawer (I just lay 6" filters atop the upper condenser on my D2) and a set of filters works fine.

I printed in the same space when I did color, and hope/plan to again. I agree the fumes can be nastier.