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A pro lab that is running over 10k a day in film processing requires precise replenishment and process control,
Keeping grey balances is quite a step above hand process at home.

Nothing wrong with doing home process that way, but impossible to make a living with demanding clients who want consistancey and run to run accuracy with their pushes and pulls.
There was a lot of talk about how Kodak didn't seem to be able to scale down with declining market demand, but pro labs seem to have fared even worse. These labs could have focused on affordable small scale processing but apparently decided to hold on to their 10k a day processing setups. These "demanding clients who want consistency and run to run accuracy" don't seem to exist in meaningful numbers nowadays yet pro labs act like that's the only type of E6 shooter worth their attention.

Note that this fixation on "consistency and run to run accuracy" made these labs easy prey for the digital juggernaut. As mentioned before: if it is easier to find a brick&mortar store carrying E6 home dev kits than a lab doing E6, the problem can not only be attributed to E6 going out of fashion.