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If consistency and run to run accuracy would be my most pressing concern, I'd be digital, too. Pro labs sold and perfected a specific kind of service that turned out to be the natural habitat of digital.

Under all normal circumstances E6 home dev kits would have been the first product to leave the market. Instead it is pro labs followed by Kodak slide film.
Bob and I saw the same fight from different seats. When advanced amateurs who once shot between 100-300 rolls/year began dropping E6 materials for digital, it was obvious a sea change was in progress. I saw this happen in several of Toronto's larger camera clubs around 2003-04, when the high volume slide shooting members(who also happened to be among the more affluent)quickly shifted to digital. By 2004, many clubs ended slide competitions and shifted to LCD projection.Demand for E6 materials nosedived and quality E6 processing that pros once kept afloat started to shrivel up. Home kits amount to drop in the bucket relative to the chemistry volume that once flowed through busy E6 labs. The E6 lines folded because demand for slide film faltered about 8 years ago in our area. Kodak's E6 material sales volume(not $ sales which are skewed by price increases)must have been shrinking at a frightening rate over the past 5-8 years.