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The problem with scaling down a decent size E6 or C41 processing line means replacing it, for many thousands of dollars. It just isn't cost effective, especially when you can see demand falling in the future. When the 1 hour giant grocery chains switch to send out two week turnaround for C41, there is no consumer demand either. Yes you can do C41 by hand or in a small processor, but not many people are willing to pay something like $20 for develop only for C41 and quite a bit more for E6.
Yup. My long love affair with 35mm is just about over, thanks to the demise of cheap 35mm dev/print service.There's one Loblaws in the far west end of the GTA that still runs a Frontier line. Prices are up and quality is, well, variable. Costco folded its film services a couple years ago all over Toronto. Dismal.

Transitioning to hybrid now and shooting way more 120 C-41/E6/b&w while pro lab processing is still accessible.