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I am tentatively planning on quitting my job this summer, moving to California, and dedicating my full attention to photographing and printing (that is, when I'm not playing video games, drinking, cleaning up after my dog, drinking, etc.)
Win the lottery?

You do know that means becoming a Californian, don't you? A resident of the most hated state in the union. Your friends will no longer speak to you, unless they want to come for a visit and sleep on your couch. You will have to give up your godly incandescent light bulbs for unholy CFL's. You will be ostracized and attacked out of state, particularly in Oregon (have your gas pumped for you by a toothless attendant!), Montana (no speed limits!) and I'm really not kidding here, IDAHO (speed, on every corner), simply because your California plates identify you prejudicially as a member of a certain political class. Just remember where most Californians really come from, other states and places. Think about it.

Welcome to California, now go home.