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Bob and I saw the same fight from different seats. When advanced amateurs who once shot between 100-300 rolls/year began dropping E6 materials for digital, it was obvious a sea change was in progress. I saw this happen in several of Toronto's larger camera clubs around 2003-04, when the high volume slide shooting members(who also happened to be among the more affluent)quickly shifted to digital. By 2004, many clubs ended slide competitions and shifted to LCD projection.
When I look in our local photo club, there are lots of older members who switched to digital in that same time frame. These folks loathed dark room work and saw digital as an easy way out. While there may be some folks on APUG who shoot slide film purely for resolution and quality reasons, a sizable number of them enjoy dark room work, and going to a pro lab would take some of the fun away. When new folks show up in our dark room, they may have a few rolls of already developed neg film which they had done by a lab, but as soon as they get the hang of it they develop for themselves.

Conclusion: people who were served well by a pro lab are served even better by digital capture. People who want analog today may use pro labs once or twice as a jump start but won't come back often. Right now pro labs offer nothing I would want, and I spent four digit numbers on materials last year.
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Home kits amount to drop in the bucket relative to the chemistry volume that once flowed through busy E6 labs.
While in most areas the slow movers were the first ones to be out, I see some anomalies: Plus-X went away while Efke/Foma/Adox are still around. Pro labs go away while E6 home processing kits are still around.

These are two trends which you can't just explain away with "declining demand".