GlennSYD is correct about the Print Exchange. You'll see some excellent prints and you'll have them in hand when you want to ask questions. I discovered I still had a long way to go. And still do. Hopefully there will always be something more to learn and discover! Check out the activities in the Members Organized" section. There are some really great things going on.
Dust is the bane of all printers, some are just better at dealing with it. It's always the maids' day off at my place.
Glennfromwy is correct in saying pick one or two papers and a developer and LEARN it.
FrankB says be meticulous in your dilutions and temperatures. Be Consistant!
Ask! Then ASk some more. "There are NO stupid questions" I have seen this phrase posted here many times.
Don't feel bad if you put the paper wrong side up on the easel, then wonder why your print is so faint. Everyone (but me of course) has done it. Nothing like matt surface FB paper.
Don't be cheap with your fixer and don't cheat on your wash times. Poorly fixed prints show it in very little time.
Frequent APUG, if not for the knowledge, or the gallery, then for the humour.
Happy printing!