|Like 6x7 I cannot believe that such a small difference in stock DDX represents a discernible difference in neg quality and can further say that when I used DDX at 1+4 I was using a 250ml Jobo tank for 35mm film so only used 50mls of stock DDX without any disaster and always got 20 films from 1L stock DDX.

Does Ilford actually give a minimum quantity of 62.5 mls to be used which must not under any circumstances be less than 62.5?

As 6x7 has said if 62.5mls is the minimum then I and anyone else shouldn't be using Jobo tanks as they only hold 250( 240mls actually to be accurate) and I then need to either increase the size of my tank to the Paterson 300mls or risk using the DDX at a ratio of less than 1+4.

Maybe Ilford are in league with the likes of Paterson to ensure that users will abandon their Jobo and Durst tanks

OK I have become silly about it in suggesting the above conspiracy theory but it illustrates my point.