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Jeff Brouws, the typologist? If you look at Hido's 'House Hunting' series you'll see that the images play on a longing for suburbia, the houses aren't empty vessels like with Brouws' studies. Hido concentrates on the mystery of what might be going on inside, not to mention the misty and evocative atmospheres the houses inhabit - and also his portraits which suggest the people who might live in these places. It's all about narrative. Brouws and Hido are coming from completely different places - one concerned with surface, the other concerned with the mystery that lies beneath. I suggest you take another look.

Not that Brouws is inferior, just very different.
I've seen misty and evocative Brouws photographs. I guess we'll just have to disagree on this. It might be all about narrative for you, but that's FOR YOU. Like any honest (hopefully) viewer you're reading something personal into work that excites you visually. Someone else might see something in a totally different way, and not find any more mystery, narrative etc in Hido's work than Shore's work. And while you can discuss it, and argue your position, in the end your assessment is only yours.