Hi Katie,
If I may share some personal thoughts ...
I look forward to working in the darkroom partly because when I became really interested in photographer in jr. high, I think I must have spent as much or maybe more time in the darkroom.
Now, I look forward to the weekend to get into the darkroom ... it is ... dare I say ... somewhat therapeutic. Yes, sometimes I have something in mind to print, i.e., the first few images from my new Ilford/Harman Titan 4x5 pinhole camera. Unless of course I forgot to put the negatives in my bag and only realise this after I get to the darkroom. No problem, because I can always, always find negs to print as I go through my Work Box.
I think it is important to print for you.
Nevertheless, I do wish I could do more with my fine-art photographic images such as sell prints rather than just exhibit in a few modest venues or publish in magazines. But alas, I am content with the hopeful possibility that someday collectors and galleries might come across my work. In the mean time, the few real "keeper" prints I am able to produce continue to accumulate towards building a) a solid portfolio; b) prints for exhibition & sale; c) hang on my walls; d) give as gifts; e) use in teaching.
Finally, I use to take a plethora of images of my children when they were small ... some of my best work, and one piece even won an award.
My wife was very artistic in her own way and took many of the images and made chronological albums with them, so pictures of one's family are a priceless legacy to one's art and family.
All the best,