Hi Katie,
I prefer working with fibre paper. I like the tonal range, the quality and the feel of the paper. It is much, more work than RC when one's protocol involves processing for optimun permanence which is what I endeavour to do according to Ilford.
I tone with selenium to a) remove the olive green cast; and b) to bring the print to optimum permanence.
I like both Ilford MG4 fibre glossy and their new MG Art 300. But I am beginning to think that each paper is best suited to certain types of images.
I recently also printed some 16x20 prints ... boy do I like this size. However, I used RC paper as it was much easier to work with at this size and also the cost is another consideration.
I have found that 11x14 is now my workable (but not limited to), print size.
One paper that I am really hoping to work with in the near future is ILFOBROM GALERIE FB
So because of the way I work, and the materials I prefer to work with, yes, selenium toning is an important part of my practice.