I have a sekonic L-508 and recently it has been malfunctioning when operating in cordless flash mode. When set to shutter priority mode, sometimes (it's happening more and more frequently) I'll get a reading of "00.0" for the aperture value. This is definitely a malfunction as I've tested it against other meters on set. If I move the meter closer to the strobe it gets a stronger blast and will read fine. However, it not getting a readable blast in the first place is not the issue as it would read "Er.u" (or something to that effect) for "error: exposure under" if that was so, and this happens even when other meters are giving readings as high as f8-11. It seems to have this problem most when the strobe is just above ambient but, especially recently, has been happening with greater margins of strobe-to-ambient levels. Has anyone experienced this before? Any idea what it might be? Would love to try and figure it out instead of sending it out and paying an arm and a leg to "maybe" get it fixed. I work as a photographer's assistant so it's kind of important that my meter is functioning..