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I think the fact that this discussion has arisen sugests that there is a problem and if I could just get over it, there would be no need to voice my opinion. But I feel we're living in a world where the young artist is forced to take a position, rather than follow his personal intuition. This is my dilemma and I believe that of many others.
I agree. I think a lot of young artists are ruined by the "show or perish" pressure placed on them. The art schools contribute to this just as much as the curators do. Photographers whom I consider truly great, such as Edward Weston, Brett Weston and Frederick Sommer didn't let either public or curatorial taste dictate what they did. I think that's why their work is so personally compelling.

Charles Ives once said that a creative artist should never practice his art for a living. He should do something else for a living and practice his art as a true 'amateur'. Otherwise the work goes, as Ives put it, "Ta-ta for money".