Hard times have hit, and although I know I'll be out of them in a few months, I feel the pressure to offload some gear - but I sure don't wanna!

On one hand I could try and sell the small 35mm Nikon FM setup that I have created, but what if I want to shoot 35mm in the future? I've had my Hassie for over 3 months now, and I've been using it regularly, but will I continue to use it enough to justify keeping it? I could sell two of the three Polaroid Land Cameras that I've acquired, but I like each of them equally for different reasons? Of course I could sell all of these items and feed myself the excuse that I'll be able to buy another one down the road, but will I really? What if all I can find next time is stuff that is 'more used' than what I have now?

I honestly wish I could just offload all my digital gear, because that hasn't seen the light of day in months now, but inevitably I'll be asked to second shoot a wedding or something in the coming weeks.

How do you decide what to sell, when to sell, and if you're even going to sell??

I think I'm becoming a film hoarder.....