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Well, lets see: 1 the purple liquid was the second part od the color/reversal developer, of 100ml only had 90 ml. I pour what had left the bag and put it in the right place when I was mixing the solutions. 2 after opening the bag and cleaning all the chemicals bags, I could see the one that had the leak, so I though that was "everything all right".
The kit was the 0.5L kit, I thought that was the 1L, well, at least was cheap. Since I have 30m of E6 film, I going to dev two rolls and see what I get.
Stay tune for more news of the slide word...
Sorry, Rhodes, you lost me here. If you look at the Tetenal E6 bottles displayed here, only one bottle contains purple liquid, and trust me, it's the BX1 bottle, not CD2. Secondly, Tetenal offers 1l and 5l kits but I wouldn't know of any 0.5l kits.

Could you please verify what you really have? It's not this one by any chance?