Ok- so here is the info I'm getting....

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I went and checked my Ideal. It uses pop off holders #726/7. The lever on the top right of the camera is the holder release lever so I wonder if there has been a odification. It has the drop bed which confirms that it is an Ideal. However the camera does not look modified however. Where the bed strut attaches to the bed is shaped differently to my camera

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When you see the piece below on a corner of your camera, it's sure that it uses a pop off holder.
I have some like that in Hüttig, ICA and Zeiss Icon.
On the plate holder for ICA Ideal 9X12cm, it's written 726/6.
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AND- some say slide in, and some say pop on.... back numerics "726/6" or "726/7"... Holy Crap! Here's additional pix just so I can MORE confused...
Seller listed this as an ICA Ideal Model C 9x12....

I feel like that dog in the RCA Victor ads.....rca_victor.jpg

Welll... ok. Anyone else?

of course, I haven't received the camera yet either- so... I'm going to try to acquire a couple of backs and see what works... then be alerted to the sell off of the ones that don't work....

Bob K