Hi guys

OK, I have collected my Metz Mecablitz 45 CL-4 flash from the second hand auction place.

Now, here's the irritance. The flash came with the cord to use it with my Hasselblad (happy about that) and it also came WITH both an SCA3000C adapter and the accompanying SCA3402 to work with SLRs like my Nikon F5. However, the battery lid is missing (which is why the auction site didn't list it as part of the auction - I was surprised to see it came with it on collection but without the battery bay cover, I can't use it).

So, having Googled the cost of just the SCA3000C (seeing as the SCA3402 just clips to the 3000C) I note that that, too, costs about 50...all in all the whole adapter pair costs about 100 new!

So my question is - does anyone have a spare battery cover for an SCA3000C or anything that will work to save me having to buy a new one?

Many thanks