I have a list of negatives that I need to try to print, and there is usually some other film around that needs attention. I'm always behind schedule, and I don't care very much (age??). I'm not sure what motivates me, but I think it's mostly the challenge and the surprises. What looks easy to print is often very difficult to do well, and what looks difficult often turns out well in only a couple of tries. I don't make contact sheets. For me they are a waste of time and paper and are almost always very misleading. Instead, I've learned to judge negatives, at least pretty well. The fuss of the darkroom is a de-motivater. I need enough enthusiasm to set up, decide on what to do, and mix the solutions. Then I usually break for food, and if I'm not distracted by something else around the house that needs my urgent attention, I get back to the darkroom and can do some interesting work. After a few prints, my back starts to ache, and I may take a break. If I recover, I print some more until I'm either too tired or too sore. Then I have to wash the prints, hang them up to dry, and clean up the mess. It seems like an awful lot of pain for the results, but somehow I enjoy it.