Hallo, Sorry the for the delay in the updates of the thread. I am chosing the c-41 and e-6 photos to post here in a diffrent thread to all see my first results.
Back to the topic, no, the kit was 0.5L, or 500ml. I also did not know, because as I bid (it was a ebay.de bought) I though that was of 1L. And so, the packages with the chemicals were all plastic bags, like the ones of softpack chemicals. I have some photos of the kit, I can post if you want.
Also, I may have named the liquid purple, but it was more a deep blue color liquid. As I said, it was the second part of the dev.
Here is the link for what I bought: http://www.ebay.de/itm/ws/eBayISAPI....:X:RTQ:DE:1123